The Bernhard Willhelm Fall/Winter 2018 Line Jabs at Art Tropes

 - Mar 13, 2018
References: hypebeast
The latest Bernhard WIllhelm Fall/Winter 2018 collection presents a series of eclectic pieces at Paris Fashion Week recently. The German fashion designer centers the focus of its latest offerings around artwork and popular visual concepts. As HYPEBEAST reports, Willhelm spotlights art commodification, in the light of cultural and religious ideals that globalization have immensely capitalized upon. He dramatically translates the concept of commodified art through his quirky lookbook of art-centric offerings.

The Bernherd Willhelm Fall/Winter 2018 collection has accents of the infamous Mona Lisa painting and the Salvator Muni painting. It's found on patch details, through prints, and jacquard knits on a wide range of loose silhouettes, and draping pieces that occasionally wraps around the models to imitate religious apparel. Art imagery makes an appearance with props such as corn, prescription pills, the words "clap" and "capital" that are included, and other Hollywood symbols. Additionally, the models hold up signs that read "no photos" in reference to the culture within museum settings.

Image Credit: Bernhard Willhelm