These Chinese New Year Timekeepers by Benzinger are Detailed

Celebrate the year of the dragon by strapping on a Year of the Dragon Watch crafted by Benzinger. These timekeepers are reserved for high rollers only who are prepared to drop anywhere from $40,000 to $83,000. This may seem like a small fortune to spend on something that goes on your wrist, but these watches are worth it.

Making a watch that operates smoothly is not an easy task, now picture adding the smallest most detailed dragon imaginable. Benzinger’s dragons have multicolored tails, long tongues, fiery eyebrows and devilish snouts, yet still manage to fit inside a minuscule circle.

These Year of the Dragon Watches will give any wearer some added charm and a touch of class. If a Benzinger watch is not in your budget, keep saving and you could be in luck when the next year of the dragon rolls around.