Halftroll's Stove Accurately Mimics Bender from Futurama

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: benderstove.blogspot & neatorama
Bender from Futurama has been brought to life by Haftroll to be used as a wood stove. Haftroll has shown more than impressive welding in order to achieve such similar likeness to the lovable character from Futurama.

Haftroll used recycled bins and steel tubing in order to put this beauty together. It can now be used to cook delicious meals as well as melt hearts with its striking exterior appearance.

Novelty wood stoves are definitely quite a niche market, especially as people have moved to using conventional ovens. But this wood stove certainly has the potential to inspire others to bring this old-fashioned way of heating spaces and cooking food back into the mainstream.