Ben Woodward's Art Features Bizarre Half-Human & Half-Animal Creations

 - Dec 29, 2011
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In this series of extremely eccentric and bizarre cartoon drawings, artist Ben Woodward creates half-animal and half-human creatures. These bizarre beings are drawn doing equally bizarre activities. At first glance, Ben Woodward's art appears to be a collection of alien-like beings, but upon further examination one sees that they are fusions of animals and people.

While Ben Woodward's drawings certainly depict some monstrous and slightly abnormal scenes such as the human covered in white hair lying on grass and gazing into a mirror while his chest is cut open, there is a certain charm to them as well. Some of the animal and human creations are quite cute and have a very childlike appeal to them. With tons of bright pastels, it is easy to forget that you're looking at some truly strange drawings.