Bella's Hair Comb Lets You Feel Closer to Twilight's Star Locks

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: neatoshop & neatorama
If you want your hair to look like Twilight star Kristen Stewart's, you'll have to buy yourself Bella's Hair Comb. That's how life works: you buy a celebrity product and you instantaneously achieve their beauty and status.

Sarcasm aside, Bella's Hair Comb continues a long line of hilarious products to be released in association with the Stephenie Meyer mega series. Girls still going through their adolescent years will no doubt rush out to get their hands on one of these sparkling hair groomers and, to be honest, it's actually quite a fun movie tie-in product. I'd rather things like this exist than life-sized Edward Cullen pillows.

Bella's Hair Comb comes studded with $30 worth of fake precious stones. Even more precious would be seeing teenagers legitimately giving this as a gift to one another.