Bella Sara Has Online Component

 - Nov 14, 2007
References: hiddencitygames & nytimes
Peter D. Adkison, the guy responsible for the Magic, The Gathering and the Pokémon card crazes, is betting on the Bella Sara card game to become the next tween sensation. The first two were targeted at boys, and nobody has ever scored a hit selling cards targeted just at girls.

The Bella Sara card feature mostly horses and unicorns and don't have a cartoon or video game to back them up (not yet anyway).

Sounds like a losing proposal, right? Not so fast. The cards have a code that unlocks the horses stable on a website, where they can groom their horse. The card also contain positive messages that moms love. Bottom line, 30 million sold worldwide 10 million in the US with Toys “R” Us, Target and Wal-Mart now taking them nationally.