Researchers from Bell Labs are Working on a New Form of Internet Access

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: alcatel-lucent & psfk
'Bell Labs' is currently working on technology that uses lightbulbs to deliver WiFi. As of right now, routers act as our primary port for Internet access. Bell Labs plans to change this by allowing consumers to tether their devices to a different kind of hotspot.

Bell Labs is a technology company located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company recently received a great deal of media attention for its attempt to use lightbulbs as a port for Internet access. The technology behind this project involves directing a series of flickering light beams at a computer that is equipped with a solar panel. The flickers act as a kind of binary language that is subsequently interpreted by the computer. The result of this technology is a faster and more cost-effective form of Internet access known as 'LiFi.'

Although converting existing systems to accommodate LiFi may be expensive, the technology could ultimately help businesses better handle high volumes of Internet traffic.