The Bee-Patch Bee Sting Treatment is Safe for Children to Use

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: bee-patch & fastcoexist
Did you know for an easy and quick bee sting treatment, you can simply add a drop of water to a sugar cube and put it on the area? The cube draws out toxins through osmosis and the swelling will go down. Bee-Patches works using the same idea. The bee sting remedy consists of a bandage covered with a sugar membrane. They come in a pack of five and are packaged in foil packets.

Invented by PhD Martin Wenckens, the Bee-Patch draws out the toxins, brings swelling down and reduces pain within 30 minutes. Currently on sale in Denmark and across Europe, the medical device and bee sting treatment is great for children and young moms who might not be able to use antihistamines or hydrocortisone.