This Bedbug Trap Lures Nasty Bedbugs and Keeps Them In Check

 - Dec 30, 2014
References: sfu & gizmag
If you've ever had begbugs infest your home, you'll realize very quickly that bedbugs are a key ingredient in the recipe for hell; this innovative bedbug trap developed by researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada could help the bedbug-afflicted get back their peace of mind.

The trap makes use of a chemical called histamine that is present in shed bedbug skins and acts as a safe shelter signal to bedbugs, who are drawn towards it. The trap lures the bloodthirsty critters in and keeps them there.

The developers of this innovative bedbug trap are engaged in collaboration with home and garden company Contech Enterprises to develop a commercially available version of the trap that incorporates the innovative technology.