The Bebop Helmet Sensor Can Automatically Call an Ambulance

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: bebopsensors
There's no question that wearing a helmet while cycling or riding a motorcycle is an absolute necessity from a safety standpoint, but the Bebop Helmet Sensor offers a vast improvement on helmets themselves. The smart helmet sensor system can accurately and precisely locate where an impact made the most damage on a helmet, and it even has the ability to call emergency responders if it senses that the damage was extreme enough.

While there are other smart helmets available that have the ability to call emergency responders, the Bebop Helmet Sensor separates itself from these thanks to the accuracy of its system. Other helmets have generalized sensors that will call an ambulance for any impact, leading to a significant amount of false alarms. The Bebop Helmet Sensor can detect what area of the head received an impact (e.g. the temples versus the top of the head,) and it will only call authorities if the impact to the specific head region was strong enough to cause a serious injury.