Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark by Mike Doyle Explores the Darker Side of the Toys

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark is the title of the latest book by LEGO artist and author Mike Doyle. The highly anticipated sequel to previous publication, Beautiful LEGO, it will be chock full of gorgeous pictures, some essays and an overall minimal aesthetic that is often associated with art books. And that is exactly what it is filled with: works of art.

Taking on a darker turn, however, Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark boasts 325 pages of LEGO creations organized into chapters such as Creepy Crawlers, Evil Attunement, Dark Towers, Indulgences, Pits of Fire, and Riot Girls. With a more specific curated theme, the ideology behind Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark is much easier to determine. Yet at the end of the day, people will simply appreciate the sculptures for what they are.