'Beat the Carnies' Helps You Win a Stuffed Animal Every Time

After getting suckered into spending hundreds of dollars on carnival games and never winning, it's about time someone told players how to beat the carnies. This guide complete with pictures by The Art of Manliness gives strategies and tips to winning five different games run by trickster carnies.

Spread those legs on the rope ladder to keep your balance and put some backspin on the ball in the milk can toss to beat the carnies at their own game. When it comes to the high striker, one must remember that it's about accuracy not strength if one is to be victorious.

The beat the carnies guide also gives insight into which games to stay away from because they are rigged. With these tricks of the trade in pocket anyone can roll up to a state fair with their friends and show off their supreme stuffed animal winning abilities. The carnies won't be happy.