Bauhaus by Nicky&Max Relies on Geometry for Artistic Flair

 - May 22, 2013
References: nickyandmax & fastcodesign
Bauhaus by Nicky&Max, a blog founded by British photographer Nicola Walsh and German chef Max Faber, is a food photography series inspired by the modern architectural style popular in the early 1900s that spawned an art movement of the same name. Adopting the geometric aesthetic of the art style, this series presents food in a much more abstract way. Of course, it all comes down to arrangement, which such still life images thrive off of.

Although the images showcased in Bauhaus by Nicky&Max all adhere to an earthy palette, there is nothing bland about them. Instead, the neutral hues encourage the audience to focus more on the composition of the food and props. Walsh reveals, "It was very much an experiment, to see how far we could push the idea of food photography."