Battery.Family Composes Larger Power Sources By Combining Smaller Ones

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: yankodesign
With the Battery.Family in mind, think about the implications for reduced packaging and the frequent shortages people have in the correct fuel cell for the job. This innovative concept proposes a modular system for the portable power source that involves the building of greater batteries from the joining of smaller ones.

Perhaps inspired by the Russian nesting doll, Hyojin Park, Junho Yoon, Soohwan Kim and Dohoon Lee began with the AAA as the tiniest unit and integral for the operation of every level above it. It can be sheathed by a series of hollow cylinders of increasing diameters that gradually turn it into an AA, a C and a D. The Battery.Family equips you with any strength you might need, as well as the facility to easily borrow between devices requiring different sizes.