Washroom Dispenser Sensors Make Cleaning Bathrooms More Efficient

 - Apr 4, 2017
References: iis.fraunhofer.de & springwise
This bathroom sensor system makes it easier to clean washrooms faster. The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits collaborated with CWS-boco International GmbH to create the efficiency-improving sensors.

The bathroom sensor system is battery-operated and designed to measure the level of materials in washroom dispensers. Using wireless Bluetooth, the system can transmit the data to the Washroom Control Unit, which then sends the information to the building's cleaners. An app and dashboard allow users to monitor company resources and make schedule adjustments.

This technology makes it easier for cleaners to plan and react to a variety of maintenance needs in different buildings. Restrooms in large buildings can be particularly difficult to clean when you consider the amount of time it would take to refill materials including toilet paper, soap and paper towels.