The Baroo Oak Pipe is Assembled From Loose Items of the Understory

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: tuvie
Anyone could conceivably forage for a couple of fitting components and fabricate his own Baroo Oak Pipe. The rudimentary brier is recognizably made up of an acorn and a single straw, joined together to create an effective bowl and a stem.

Of course, not everyone -- especially in this contemporary era -- would have the skilled hands to construct the smoking accessory so beautifully as Milad Mohajeri has. Sourced from the Kurdistan mountains, the oval nut has been turned upside-down on its cap and carefully hollowed out from its base. The slender shank penetrates the side of the woody fruit and opens up to the cavity inside. It's suggested that you fill your Baroo Oak Pipe with Captain Black tobacco.