B-Armour is Inspired by Bug Anatomy to Form a Protective Panoply

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: auth.gr & suckerpunchdaily
Part fashion statement and part protective coat, B-Armour is a concept that was based on intense entomological study. Designer Arsenios Zachariadis closely examined the structures of butterfly wings to produce a unique garment that would serve as an extension of the wearer's body.

The peculiar chemise is composed of three very different layers of materials and textures. The first and felt closest to the body is a finer film; the second features a rough surface of creases and shallow geometric extrusions; the third and final layer comprises fine needle-like spikes that emerge from raised follicles. The mesmerizing and bizarre-looking B-Armour serves as a threshold between the skin and one's surroundings and performs as a superior fitted shield for protection.