This Bookshelf by Basber Osgerby Can Double as a Room Divider

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: barberosgerby & designboom
London-based industrial design firm Barber Osgerby envisioned the 'Planophore,' a shelving solution that doubles as a room divider. Named after the first stable model airplane powered by twisted rubber bands, the planophore shelf features rotating vertical panels that can be manipulated to transform the piece.

When the planophore's vertical aluminum panels are positioned parallel to the shelves, the piece becomes a partition that can act as an elegant room divider. When the panels are positioned perpendicularly, they divide the shelves into compartments that can hold books, decorative pieces and other objects.

The fact that the panels can be rotated and manipulated allows for a wide range of configurations and looks. The panels' rotation axes are offset in depth, allowing them to be arranged in interesting different ways. Barber Osgerby has made the planophore available in different heights and widths, ranging from a short sideboard to a tall unit with five shelves.
Photo Credits: designboom, barberosgerby