Klamboe's Bamboo Mosquito Nets are a Sustainable Option

 - May 11, 2017
References: klamboe.eu
For those who are looking to keep their bedroom bug-free in a more natural way, Klamboe's offers a line of eco-friendly bamboo mosquito nets. Instead of synthetic materials, the nets are made from a sustainable bamboo fabric that is both good for humans and the planet.

Unlike other brands, Klamboe uses organic bamboo as the main material for its netting. The material is completely organic and grows quickly, making it a more eco-friendly option than cotton. Additionally, bamboo contains natural anti-bacterial components, making the material great for those with allergies. It is also highly breathable so users will never overheat due to the netting.

Available in a single and 'majestic' size, the bamboo mosquito nets are an eco-friendly way for those living in mosquito-heavy climates to keep bugs at bay while they sleep.