The Bacon Boss Burger by Epic Meal Time Will Cause a Heart Attack

 - May 19, 2012
References: epicmealtime & incrediblethings
There’s nothing on earth that can replace the taste of bacon, and the guys at Epic Meal Time use this mouth-watering meat to create a heart-attack meal called the Bacon Boss Burger.

The guys here say there’s no such thing as "too much" bacon, and with that, they’ve created the biggest bacon burger. There are 400 strips of bacon that tower over the meat, and the bun, cheese and meat are all mixed with additional bacon bits. It’s a bacon-infused party here that uses this meat to its ultimate limit.

The bacon-loving boys topped off the Bacon Boss Burger with a homemade root beer and Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce that drizzles all over the giant burger. Altogether, it contains 100,000 calories and up to 9,000 grams of fat. To whoever manages to munch down this monstrous death-defying meal, be sure to finish off the wills and get insurance because it is bound to be fatal.