The Backstreet Boys Were on 'The Bachelor' to Surprise Contestants

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: heavy & time
The Backstreet Boys recently appeared on an episode in Season 21 of the highly popular reality television show 'The Bachelor' in order to surprise the contestants who are vying to win the bachelor's heart. The intriguing appearance was born out of a unique partnership between the is sure to benefit both parties, given that many BSB fans are of Bachelor-watching age, and the group is currently preparing for a short residency in Las Vegas.

The boy band appeared relatively early on in the season, showing up at The Bachelor mansion to surprise the contestants -- many of whom are young enough to have followed the band in the 90s. In the episode, the Backstreet Boys trained some of the contestants and the bachelor to dance to a specific song. The contestants later appeared on stage with the band to perform the dance, and a winner was chosen by the Backstreet Boys to have some special alone time with the Bachelor himself.

For most people in their 20's, the Backstreet Boys were once a well-known and revered pop group from their childhoods. By partnering with The Bachelor, both the band and the show are able to crossover these two demographics and inspire some reminiscing about the 90s.