The 'Back of a Webpage' Series Showcases Behind-the-Scenes of Sites

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: backofawebpage.tumblr & whitezine
The graphic illustrated series 'Back of a Webpage' by designers/art directors Josephine Yatar and Jeff Lam have created quite literally, the reverse side of popular sites.

Yatar and Lam created these to showcase what goes on from behind-the-scenes. Of course, the series is unrealistic but that's what makes it unique. The Twitter backing shows tiny little Twitter birds flying around, bringing changed statuses to the top of the newsfeed. My personal favorite is the Facebook back, which pokes fun at the profile photo. The viewer can assume that the front side of the profile photo showcases a man from his waist up, clothed. But in actuality, on the backside the viewer literally sees his backside as he is sans pants.

The Back of a Webpage series showcases pure creativity while having fun at social media's expense.