Babyx is a Baby Simulation That Learns and Responds to You

 - Aug 31, 2014
References: & kotaku
Equal parts fascinating and unnerving, BabyX is a "psychobiological" simulation that learns and adapts to facial cues given to it by those who sit in front of its camera.

BabyX is created at the University of Auckland by the Laboratory for Animate Technologies. Ultimately the people there are hoping to create machines that can learn, cry, tell how you feel, and even one that "allows you to visualize the mental imagery emerging in its mind." While the 3D model of the baby is impressive, it's really the complex systems running underneath the hood that make BabyX truly remarkable.

So far BabyX can read facial cues, speak, get bored, and even learn to play pong. Hopefully BabyX doesn't get any loftier goals, like world domination.