A Baby African Crowned Crane got a Pair of Green Slippers to Help with Walking

 - Jul 6, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: paradisepark.org.uk & telegraph
Keepers at Paradise Park in Cornwall have given a pair of tiny green slippers to a hand-reared baby African Crowned Crane that was born with curled toes. The slippers have been designed to straighten the chick's underdeveloped toes.

The chick is being given regular exercise to strengthen its defected legs. Keepers at Paradise Park expect that the baby African Crowned Crane will grow over four feet in a few months and then it will be introduced to other cranes.

Implications - The handicapped bird was saved by the footwear. The process began with the placement of small bandages on the chicks' toes, which helped straighten them out. Although the chick is currently not being shown to the public, she is apparently in good condition and can sometimes be seen wondering the grass when keepers take her for a walk to help strengthen her legs.