Sanja Bistricic Captured Her Subjects in Unusual Poses

 - Nov 15, 2013
References: sanjabistricic & c-heads
Photographer Sanja Bistricic captured her models in awkwardly positioned ways, making them look edgy, rough and artistic. When asked about how she would describe her work she said, "people have different views, so it's always open for different interpretations," and that idea seems to be present in this photo shoot.

The models sit or stand bent and out of shape, twisting and contorting their limbs into unusual positions. Instead of trying to look flattering and pleasing to the eye, the models aim to look as uncomfortable and awkward as possible. The end result is a series of images that show a more vulnerable and real perspective of the human body and it also speaks volumes about what is pleasing or displeasing to the eye.

In one image, a model sits in front of a pole with her hair tied around it as if she were bonded to the structure. She's awkwardly positioned and looks very bizarre, but it's also a very childish and playful thing to do. The models do seem unusual, but perhaps it's their childlike positions that catch viewers off guard -- the way they embrace their flexibility and amuse themselves by sitting strangely.