'Unpleasant Greetings' Acknowledge Awkward Situations

Most greeting cards celebrate happy life events like birthdays and weddings, but these greeting cards celebrate awkward situations. Dubbed 'Unpleasant Greetings,' these card attempt to fill the niche need to have a card for the particularly unpleasant events.

Though they are called "unpleasant greetings," the cards actually provide positivity when it is most needed: right after something embarrassing happens. They provide comedic relief after an event, which you might think is embarrassingly life-ending, occurs. For instance, there is a card for being rejected by a hot girl, a card for a night after getting obnoxiously drunk and even a card that comically congratulates someone of "getting arrested for the first time."

You many not have gone to jail, but there is probably a card the company carried that highlights an awkward event you encountered at some point in your life.