Incredible Buildings You Never Knew About

 - Jul 21, 2008
References: outdoors.webshots
Iran has a lot of fascinating architecture, and many of these unique buildings are overlooked by the rest of the world. Iran has a lot to offer in terms of design, as we pointed out in an earlier article about Iran's fashion scene.

Tehran is a good place to look at modern Iranian architecture. Despite the city's old history, there are a lot of new buildings by innovative architects, such as Azadi (Shahyad) Square (featured as the main image), which also happens to be the symbol of Tehran.

Another point of interest is Kish Island, which has been referred to as the "Dubai of Iran." The second to last photo is of the Flower of the East hotel, set to be completed by 2009 on the island.

"Tehran is a city constantly in transition and an identity crisis, and this is clearly reflected in its architecture," point out the

The gallery shows images of Tehran and other neat places buildings in Iran. There are also examples of more traditional Iranian architecture which include highly detailed patterns and mosaics that are truly stunning.