China's Avcon Combines Communication and Security Tools for Business

 - Dec 22, 2015
References: forbes
Avcon has established itself as a leader in Internet-based video conferencing systems in China, particularly because it took notice of the crossovers between the software and hardware that businesses use for both communication and security. As far as the convergence of these two systems, co-founder Liu Xialou remarks: "It’s easy to expand from videoconference to surveillance, as the former involves multidirectional data flow and basically contains all the technology needed in the latter, which usually involves one direction."

While many businesses find themselves tied up with in-person installs, Avcon eliminates the hassle that comes with organizing the shipment of specialized equipment and personnel to a client—instead, all of its installations can be done remotely.

Avcon now specializes in industry-specific communication and security tools, such as video conferencing systems for healthcare, education, construction or insurance. For instance, one program from the company is even capable of making "remote damage assessments," which reduces insurance claim times down to an hour.