Auto Train by Marco Gallegos is Transporter That Acts like a Car Taxi

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: gallegos-design & yankodesign
When traveling distances that are too long to drive or too quick to fly by plane, the Auto Train by Marco Gallegos is the way to go.

The Auto Train concept is a modern freight that attempts to make traveling less of a hassle. It's an automated system that services drivers and their cars and acts as a car taxi. Train sections are crafted to diverge from the track at specific sections to minimize the need to stop between every destination. Drivers can park their cars while seated in a waiting room built with see-through partitions to offer spectacular views to gaze upon while commuting.

This taxi train is ideal for places such as Europe where countries are packed closely with the train as the perfect traveling method. Marco Gallegos creates a train design that's sleek, modern and highly functional.