The Auto Parachute Provides a Quick Exit During High-Rise Emergencies

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: spicytec & tuvie
One has to wonder why it took so many years for a design such as the Auto Parachute to be made. The Auto Parachute is a parachute designed for use in skyscraper emergencies. The parachute automatically opens eliminating the need to know how and when to pull the cord at the proper time.

The Auto Parachute has also been designed with a built-in first aid kit and indicator beacon to help lead first responders to your location. While there hasn't been a major terror attack on a skyscraper since 9/11, I still think its a good idea to stock the skyscrapers of the world with the Auto Parachute. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.