Author Lior Zoref's New Book Explores the Power of the Crowd

 - Apr 28, 2015
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Crowdsourcing expert and author Lior Zoref's new book Mindsharing: The Art of Crowd Sourcing Everything explores the popularity of using the power of the crowd to make better, smarter and quicker decisions. This notion of collaborative decision-making is an ideal way individuals can leverage the existing knowledge from friends, family, co-workers and others for support, guidance and to ignite innovation.

Zoref recommends harnessing social media platforms, such as Facebook, for crowdsourced opinions as an ideal way to spot opportunity and uncover new ideas. In Mindsharing, Zoref showcases the highly successful potential of crowdsourcing through case studies such as mother using Facebook to collaboratively diagnosis her son's deathly ailment when doctors failed to. Mindsharing invites readers in with the promise that, "If the old saying is true that two brains are better than one, get ready to benefit from the power of fifty, five hundred, or five thousand brains."

Become an expert in crowdsourcing by picking up your copy of Mindsharing HERE.