These Status Audio Headphones Focus Solely On Sound Quality and Comfort

The HD Ones are high-quality Status Audio headphones that offer one thing and one thing only -- an extremely reliable and high-quality audio-listening experience, minus the branding hype. These headphones are offered on a direct-to-consumer basis with no middlemen.

These headphones are equipped with 40 mm drivers that offer deep and genuine bass, clear mid-range and well-defined highs that are not too shrill. The wide stereo image means these headphones are perfect for music, movies and even gaming. A rubberized matte finish makes them look clean and elegant, an effect accentuated by the absence of a brand logo.

These Status Audio headphones prove that the direct-to-consumer model can certainly be of use in the consumer electronics segment by reducing the costs of retailing, wholesaling, distributing, advertising and marketing, ensuring that the consumer only has to pay for the product and not the hype.