Aubrey & Oakes Underwear is Designed for Optimal Comfort

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: kickstarter
Aubrey & Oakes is a brand that offers luxurious men's underwear that is handcrafted in a "traditional British factory."

The underwear is made from a material derived from bamboo, which has several beneficial properties. These include antibacterial features that are able to reduce odor and keep the underwear fresh, an exceptionally soft fit, anti-static contact, temperature control, a breathable design and one that absorbs moisture so the wearer can remain both dry and hygienic. The underwear is available in a variety of sizes and sophisticated neutral colors that include a white, a black, a combination of gray and white, and varying combinations of a deep burgundy.

Aubrey & Oakes' classic men's underwear is optimized in both fit and comfort.