The Attention-Powered Car Slows Down When You Lose Focus

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: & springwise
Western Australia has unveiled the world's first Attention-Powered Car. The car is designed to automatically slow down when a driver becomes distracted. The car was created thanks to a partnership with Hyundai (its i40 is the car used), Emotiv (it provided the tech) and RAC (an Australian insurance company).

Emotiv provided the EEG headset and software used to track attentiveness. The headset can detect the electrical activity in your brain and monitors whether or not you're paying attention and when you're zoning out or fatigued. Should the headset detect a loss in attention, power is taken away from the accelerator. The Attention-Powered Car is a design study on distracted driving at the moment, but future autos may very well have sensors like these to detect when drivers need to refocus.