The Association for Smoker Awareness Campaign Likens Humans to Machines

 - May 18, 2012
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Likening human bodies to large-scale machinery, the Association for Smoker Awareness ad campaign shows people the damage one tiny, faulty part can do to such a large and seemingly indestructible creation. People are often blinded by their own feelings of invincibility and this campaign calls them out on it.

The Association for Smoker Awareness ad campaign was conceived by NeogamaBBH, an ad agency based in São Paulo, Brazil. It was art directed by Pedro Utzeri with creative direction by Alexandre Gama and Márcio Ribas. With the help of copywriter Gustavo Gusmão, artist Iran illustrated devastating occurrences. One includes this event: "A short circuit on a tiny wire once caused a rocket to explode killing three astronauts." It is followed up by, "Your body is a machine 10x more complex. Smoking can damage any part of it."