This Precarious Artprize 2015 Entry is Affected by Vibrations

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: & caplex
Emily Kennerk's Artprize 2015 entry is a totally unstable installation piece, trembling and threatening to break at any moment -- but that's the way it was designed.

The Artprize 2015 installation consists of a long, bench-like dinner table spanning the length of an entire room. The place settings give the impression that the table has been set for a large, formal family dinner. At the end of the room, a microphone is set up. Visitors can only whisper into the microphone -- speaking any louder causes the audio to completely cut off. Each whisper into the mic triggers violent vibrations in the installation, causing dinner plates and cutlery to come sliding off and crash to the floor.

The result is a fascinatingly participative installation piece, as well as a strong metaphor for the impact of individual actions on communal domestic life.