Artist Do Ho Suh Designed a Thoughtful Sculpture About Identity

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: actegratuit.tumblr & mymodernmet
Artist Do Ho Suh impresses yet again with his sculptural masterpiece entitled Karma.

The installation displays countless men sitting atop one another while each is covering the eyes of the person they are perching on top of by using their hands. The lattice-like structure is made to depict a human ladder, which is mount up high in the sky and does not give the viewer a true visual as to where it ends. Just like many of his previous works, this one questions ones identity and individuality through the use of the human body. Though there is no specific interpretation given by the artist, perhaps this is better as everyone can create their own understanding as to what it signifies. The piece leaves us questioning why it is that artist Do Ho Suh decided to keep all of them blinded.

Whatever it may mean to each person, everyone can still appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship and effort it took to create.