This Artisanal Coffee Company Features a Unique Taste and Lush Location

 - Nov 26, 2014
References: daylightmind & coolhunting
Daylight Mind Coffee Company is an artisanal coffee company located in Kona, Hawaii.

The coffee house (which doubles and triples as restaurant/bakery and roaster) is located a stone's throw away from the water, meaning that instead of hovering over hipsters addicted to free Wi-Fi hoping for a seat, guests can enjoy their cup of java on the beach. I can't imagine anything better than the taste of that sweet, sweet nectar hitting my tongue as the waves lap at my feet.

In terms of taste, the coffee offers a full-bodied flavor that's a delightful blend of sweetness, smokiness and earthy undertones. Chief Science Officer (and co-founder) of the Daylight Mind Coffee Company Shawn Steiman spent eight-and-a-half of his 13 years in Hawaii perfecting the coffee roasting process. Needless to say, the man knows how to make a cup of coffee!