Chad Wys' 'Arrangement in Skintones' is Speckled

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: chadwys & wgsn.tumblr
Artist Chad Wys' 'Arrangement in Skintones' places a series of shaded dots upon faded pictures of faces. Self-described as a 'visual conceptual artist, designer and writer,' Wys has worked with the concept of ownership, be it the ownership of people, history or aesthetic pleasure.

This theme of possession is clear in Arrangement in Skintones. The circular objects seem to take over the eyes and blurry smiles, according them with instant ownership over the anonymous subjects.

Wys is also deeply interested in the roles of composition and color. While the shades are quite neutral here, the sheer size of the speckles allows them to overwhelm the portraits. They become the primary focus of the Skintones collections despite their inanimate nature, illustrating how formation can bring objects to life.