PPSS Group Armor Clothing Can Withstand an Attack from an Assailant

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: ppss-group & damngeeky
Whether to be utilized in armed combat or simply as a precaution by those who fear being attacked in the streets, the PPSS Group Armor Clothing is the world's first lineup of slash-resistant clothing that will prevent a knife blade from reaching a person's skin. The PPSS Group Armor Clothing is designed using high-quality technology to help protect key areas of the body from being injured to prevent the wearer from unnecessary harm.

While the technology used to create the PPSS Group Armor Clothing is indeed complex, the styling is surprisingly wearable. The dark gray and black color aesthetic makes it easily incorporated into regular wardrobes without a second thought and, best of all, the PPSS Group Armor Clothing is machine washable.