The 'Are Fortune 500 CEOs Social?' Infographic Shows Modernity

 - Jul 15, 2012
The 'Are Fortune 500 CEOs Social?' infographic takes an important look at how CEOs are utilizing social media. What the graphic finds, however, is quite astounding. Seventy percent of CEOs simply have no presence. Of those that do, LinkedIn is definitely the most popular with 25.9%. Following this is Facebook and Twitter.

Of the CEOs that do have social media, there are three standouts with Rupert Murdoch, Meg Whitman and Jack Salzwedel, who have all been hugely successful on Twitter. If CEOs aren't setting a social media presence and example, they are putting their company at a disadvantage online -- one of the arenas where presence matters most.

Whether they are too busy, feel too old or too unfamiliar, this is definitely an area that needs to be worked on with the CEOs.