Green 'City-Park' Tower Spreads On and Over the Hudson

Skyscraper is making amends and aiming at a strong comeback right in the original tower capital of the world, New York City. The magnificent 'City-Park' concept will rise to airy heights and expand to new lengths, introducing not simply an imposing building construction but rather a far-reaching urban transformation.

The massive J-shaped structure features clustered units of living space blended with extensive facilities and interior botany gardens. Complementing the eminent skyline of the Big Apple, the curvy concept boasts transparent blob-like patterns and sits on an impressive river-level veranda, an ideal area for social activities. Last but not least, this high-rise sculpt delivers a slender super-extensive pedestrian lane over Hudson River, elegantly linking Hudson Park and Central Park.

Designed by Meryem Ozturkoglu out of a tree formation, the captivating concept presents a bold urban statement on sustainability, while maintaining its association with the daunting image and eco-friendly future of the City. Needless to say, I will be setting up my own blob as soon as a two-bedroom one becomes available.