The Archi by Toast Living Blends Clean Lines with Dramatic Swoops

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: toastliving & leibal
It's not often that standard pieces of everyday equipment are given complete transformations, but that's what's at play with the Archi by Toast Living, which transcends the idea of a teapot to new heights.

Moving the handle from the back to the side, the Archi by Toast Living is a dramatically squared off shape, which makes it both beautiful and confusing to admire. At first glance, the Archi by Toast Living looks like some sort of strange accoutrement and it's only after seeing it actually pour a hot beverage that it can be confirmed what purpose it serves.

The Archi by Toast Living is part of a larger set that has been designed by the company and the other parts of the set includes similarly shaped cups and the like.