The Arche Provides a Semi-Enclosed Niche for Intimacy in an Open-Plan Space

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: iwoodlove & archidesignclub
Many people argue than an open plan office environment is a healthier one; however, there are benefits to having certain business activities occur in relative privacy. The Arche was designed by iwoodlove as a means to section off small areas for this purpose.

The three-sided vault is a timber-built module that's actually quite narrow in profile. One unit is broad enough to embrace a single desk or a pair of chairs, creating an acoustically dampened alcove for private discussions or more focused work assignments. Several of these can be arranged in a row to establish larger cubicles that might even encompass boardroom tables. Another model of the iwoodlove Arche has two sides that can partition areas against the wall.