The Arc Clipfold Provides Effortless Access to Cash, Cards and Coins

 - Apr 16, 2019
References: kickstarter
Rever Brand recently launched the Arc clipfold wallet on Kickstarter, and has tripled its funding goal already. The intuitive design of the wallet allows for swift access to one's cash, cards, and coins. While most wallets tend to leave at least one of these crucial variables as an afterthought, the Arc clipfold was created with a focus on convenience and functionality.

Through rigorous testing and feedback, the Rever Brand team was able to achieve all-round accessibility by combining both new and traditional methods. The Arc clipfold integrates a newly conceived clipfold cash tab that allows for quick cash management, a pull tab made with 210D gridstop nylon for effortless access to cards, and an integrated coin stash that offers a clear perspective of all your coins.