Aras Kanani Depicts to Transition From Sober to Drunk With Humor

Aras Kanani has created an infographic that depicts the progressive transition from sober to completely inebriated. The image starts out by with foot patterns, then morphs into handprints and then to the final stage, which is named "kaputt" ( it shows the body of a man in silhouette). The infographic captures the arch of intoxication with humor and poignancy.

The 'Drunkness Guide' by Aras Kanani would work equally well as a gift for someone else or yourself. What I really like about the 'Drunkness Guide' is the fourth step with hand prints showing the direction of movement; it's pretty funny to think about someone crawling on their hands to get anywhere in public. Don't let the latter stages of this infographic by Aras Kanani echo how you will go about get from point A to point B when intoxicated.