These Aran Harahap Photographs are Vintage

 - May 13, 2012
References: flickr & visualnews
Real-world events often inspire popular culture to create inspiring characters to influence hope and unity. In this case, these Aran Harahap photographs are a twist to the concept. The Indonesian photographer takes real-life vintage war photographs and introduces favorite superheros and villains into them. These digitally manipulated reproductions allow one to think: what would have happened if these powerful pop culture icons were actually around. Could they have changed the course of history?

Nearly unnoticeable, these characters are blended perfectly into the pictures. They renegotiate the cultural value of the photographs, as Batman is seen in a line of troops, Vader is invited to a meeting with Stalin, FDR and Churchill, and Spiderman attempts to stop soldiers. These images have a dark twist to them.