The AquaDefender Has Extendable Barriers to Block Floods

 - Oct 16, 2013
References: yankodesign
The scale of damage that Superstorm Sandy most recently ravaged on the Northeastern coast of the United States was a timely reminder of the necessity to protect low-lying flash flood-prone areas; something the AquaDefender hopes to achieve.

Designed by Nicholas Tay, the AquaDefender is a series of multipurpose bollard barrier that can be engaged to prevent the flow of flash flood waters, or alternatively, be used as a way to block up an area for traffic and crowd control purposes. When not in use, the bollard barrier is hidden underground. When the automated sensor is activated, however, the barriers rise up from the ground and, once fully erected, a sliding panel will extend and join together with adjacent barriers, creating a protective barrier. The bollard barriers can be used for different situations, such as a lighting instrument when hidden, as a flood barrier, a safety mechanism for pedestrian and bicycle baths, and as a modular connective to provide space efficiency and coverage.