The Apron Tool Bag Unfolds from a Case into a Tie-On Clothing Protector

 - Jan 13, 2014
Every neighborhood handyman should invest in an Apron Tool Bag. This is a perfectly practical piece of overwear that helps to transport your various utensils to the site of this domestic duty or that.

Begin by filling the pockets with your most-used implements and some spare hardware, then simply fold the fabric in half and zip it closed on the sides. A pair of handles will become available for you to grasp, allowing you to carry your tool set around. When you arrive at the project, simply unfasten the briefcase and strap it around your neck and waist. Designed by Lee Geunwon, Lee Seung Han and Lee Hea Jin, the Apron Tool Bag gives you easy access to your hammers and wrenches and protects your clothes as you fix things.