Apples & Pears Lightbulbs Are Pluckable and Portable

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: markuskayser
Have you every looked closely at a standard lightbulb and though "gee, this resembles a pear?" Even if you haven't, while you consider this delightful lamp duo called Apples & Pears lightbulbs, an element of their inspiration may become evident.

Designer Markus Kayser developed this set of delectable fixtures with the idea that lighting could become all the more accessible, and quite frankly more consumable. As such, he created the forms of an apple and a pear in resin using real fruit as the molds, allowing them to operate as independent light sources with rechargeable batteries.

To juice them up, the user leaves them hanging from their stereo cable connectors so that they suspend as if from the branches of a tree. When required elsewhere, Apples & Pears lightbulbs can simply be plucked, palmed and relocated until their power has been completely eaten up.